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Gambling Terminology B

Popular among high rollers. Nine is the magic number and is an unbeatable hand

One of the baccarat best and the player who books the action in Pai Gow Poker

A players total budget for a gambling session

Related to craps. The area on the table where most bets are made and paid

Base Dealer
Related to craps. The dice dealer in charge of one of the bases

Basic Strategy
Related to blackjack. The perfect way of playing every possible hand combination

The wager or gamble on any gambling related game

Betting Limits
The highest and lowest bet you can make at a casino game in one play

The popular card game of 21. Your aim is to beat the dealer and get as close to 21

Blackjack Hand

Any first two cards in a blackjack game that equal 21. For example Ace King.

Related to poker. When a player with poor cards bets as if they have a strong hand

Related to 7 Card Stud Poker. The required bet by the player with the lowest upcard.

Burn Card

Any card that is discarded from the deck. After the shuffle on card is burned

Related to blackjack. When your hand total exceeds 21 you bust and lose you bet.