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Gambling Terminology C

Card Counting
A system of tracking cards in a blackjack game. Can get you banned from the casinos

Caribbean Stud Poker
Often offering a progressive side bet. Caribbean Stud is a variation of five card poker

Circular dics uses in casinos in place of cash.

One of the four suits found on playing cards

Commonly used to refer to a slot machine that is not hitting any wins

Complete Hand
A poker hand that uses all five cards. For example a straight, full house or flush

Credit Button
A button found on slots and video poker machines that converts coins to credits

The word for dealer in French. Commonly uses for blackjack and baccarat dealers

Related to video poker. The statistical distance between a Royal Flush

After the cards are shuffled the dealer splits the deck and swaps the top and bottom

Cut Card
Use to cut cards, the cut card is often a colored plastic card.