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Gambling Terminology A

A playing card identified by the letter A

Aces and Faces
A video poker varition with increased pays for quad aces and face cards

A term used to sescibe the total amount of money wagered in a gambling session

Advantage Gambling
The act of seeking out betting opportunities where the odds favor the player

All In
A term used in poker when a player puts all of his / her chips into play.

American Roulette
A version of roulette that has two zeros. A single and a double zero.

Related to Blackjack. The anchor is the person playing in the last position on the table.

Related to poker games. An ante is the first money wagered in order to see the cards.

Any Craps
Related to the table game of craps. Any craps is a one roll bet covering; 2, 3, or 12

Any Seven
Related to Craps. Quite simply a one roll bet covering any combo of 7