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Gambling Terminology H

Related to card games. The hand is the cards that you hold.

Hard Hand
A hand in blackjack that does not contain an ace

Hard Way
A roll of the dice in craps that contains two equal numbers. Eg. 8 the hard way is two 4's

One of the four suits on playing cards

High Card
A poker term for a hand that has no other value such as a pair or a straight

High Roller
A term for a player who bets big amounts

Related to blackjack. You hit when you want to take another card to add to your hand

In video poker you have to hold the cards you want to keep before the draw

Hole Card
Related to blackjack. The dealers card that is dealt face down

House Advantage
The mathematical edge that the casino has over the player with their games

House Edge
Another term for the house advantage