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Gambling Terminology O

Any two cards in a hand that have the same face value

Related to baccarat. The paddle used to scoop the cards

To miss a round and not bet

Pay Cycle
Related to machine games. The long term cycle that a machine goes through/

Pay Line
Related to slots. The line where the symbols have to line up to win

Pay Off Schedule
Related to machine games. The table that shows all of the possible winning combinations.

The area in between a group of casino table games. Home of the pit boss

A person who wagers on any form of gambling game

A term used in Australia used for slot machines

Related to poker. The amount of money in the center of the table.

Progressive Slots
Slot machines which have a top jackpot prize that grows as people play.

Another expression for a casino games player

Related to blackjack. When the player and dealer have hands of equal value